Are These The Same Old Jaguars?

June 15, 2022

Year after year the Jaguar’s fanbase goes through constant rebuilding talks. The fans need to realize this is the first time the team has had a legitimate Head Coach in Doug Pederson. He was someone that was directing the Eagles to be a competitive team each week. When was the last time the Jaguars were a threat to any team?

Fixing The Mess

Relationships are the foundation that will make any organization run smoothly. Pederson is right when it comes to making sure that there are no trust issues between players and staff. It’s the right thing to do if he wants to make any headway towards making the Jaguars relevant.

Reports that are coming out of the camp this past week. Having Pederson stresses the importance of mending relationships. With the disaster last year with Urban Meyer there is a lot of finger-pointing.

Speaking Of Relationships

Trevor Lawrence and Pederson’s relationship will be detrimental to the offense. The offense is only going to be as good as Lawrence’s growth. Pederson understands the position and what it takes to compete in the pros. Lawrence is in good hands and is a better quarterback than Carson Wentz.

Experts believe that bringing in Pederson was one of the best moves made this offseason. It will lead to Lawrence progressing in year two. The sophomore campaign will have a significant impact on the future of the Jaguars.

Trent Baalke’s Offseason

During the offseason, Trent Baalke and company signed some big-name free agents. Christian Kirk will upgrade the wide receiver group. Kirk’s contract would lead fans to believe that he will be heavily involved with the offense.

Zay Jones showed flashes in team practices thus far. Jones will be another field stretcher that will create mismatches. Something vacant from the offense.

Brandon Scherff will upgrade the guard position. The offensive line wasn’t as big a problem as it seemed. It was one of the few bright spots for the team. The competition that’s happening this offseason will provide growth for this unit.

Defense Will Be All Over The Field

Travon Walker is an athletic prospect that played a lot of different positions last year. He has some intangibles that will allow him to be impactful in his first season. There will be some fundamental things he will have to learn to be a perennial pro bowler.

Devin Lloyd will be a running mate of Walker and the rest of the linebacking corps. He will be making plays sideline to sideline. The Jaguars moved up in the draft to make sure that a player of his caliber would be suiting up in Duval county.

Expectations Are Real

Expectations for this entire team are heading in the right direction. This team may take some serious strides on each side of the ball.

The defense in my opinion will be the first group to show signs of significant improvement. The positional groups have players that have size and speed that haven’t been seen in a while.

The offense is something that will take some time to click. It will have some bright spots here and there this upcoming season. Managing realistic expectations will be key to watching the true growth. There is too much emphasis put on the record of teams.

More Reason To Cheer

There are key foundational pieces on this team. What the coaching staff will bring out of these players remains to be seen. As fans are aware Shad Khan is a patient owner. I believe he’s finally found a coach that has experience at the professional level. DUVAL get ready to have a team that will give you more reasons to cheer this season.