New Inductee: Is Tony Boselli Deserving Of The HOF?

June 17, 2022

The majority of players in the NFL HOF are players that have had long and illustrious careers. It can take some time for a player to be inducted into this prestigious fraternity. So is this the standard qualification to get into the HOF? Players like Tony Boselli that had shorter careers don’t get recognition of being the type of player the hall can be proud of.

The NFL has had to change with the times to stay relevant. This leads me to believe that different players should be in consideration. At the very least, be in the conversation of being on the ballot.

Bruce Smith’s Recent Comments

Bruce Smith was a well known player during his playing time. Smith was able to be a game changer for the Buffalo Bills. His opinion can carry some weight with his peers and fans alike. Some of the comments he made on Instagram stated:

What can be taken away from this? Boselli was one of the best left tackles when he was on the field. He benefited with having a mobile left-handed quarterback in Mark Brunell. This shouldn’t take away from the talent level Boselli brought to the table. There are a few players that could attest to his dominance once he got his hands on them.

Of course Smith’s intention was to drawing attention to the integrity of the NFL HOF. It should be the best of the best to every play the game of football getting into the hall. He does make a good measuring stick for this. The only problem was a limited sample. This seems to be a theme for the Jaguars.

Putting Too Much Emphasis On Winning the Super Bowl

Off the top of my head there are a couple of players that can and were game changers. JJ Watt who has won zero Super Bowl’s. The other player is Aaron Donald who has now won his first Super Bowl. The media can argue for them to be first ballot inductions.

During their career they were able to be nominated for some high toted nominations. JJ Watt was nominated for defensive player of the year and a most valuable player of the year. Donald has a defensive rookie of the year and defensive player of the year. These are players that could also be measuring sticks for future players.

Emphasis continues to focus on players winning the Super Bowl(s). This leads a lot of fans to question if it’s a hall of popularity over one of production. Yes, great players have won Super Bowls. That shouldn’t be the only accolade that decisions should be based on. Recognition for players who might not ever reach that accomplishment should happen.

Small Markets Hurting Tony Boselli And Other Players’ Chances

The Jaguars are familiar with playing in a small market in the city of Jacksonville. There are players that played for the team that had productive careers.

Jimmy Smith is a player that had big moments for the offense. Smith had a running mate in Keenan McCardell. The combination of Thunder and Lighting was quite effective for the offense. If opponents could stop them they would have to contend with Fred Taylor.

These are three players that the Jaguars need to start campaigns for to get them on the HOF ballot. They respectively rank: 25th in receiving yards (Smith), 35th in receiving yards (McCardell), and 17th in rushing yards (Taylor). The small market didn’t allow for these players to showcase their talent in front of large audiences very often. The playoff success in the 1990s allowed for a glimpse of what these players brought to the table.

Players face disadvantages when they play for teams that can’t find success year in and year out. They can use it as motivation for creating a productive career. On the other hand, they can use it as an excuse for why they didn’t make it into a prestigious fraternity like the NFL HOF.