Jaguar’s Prosperous New Thunder And Lightning Duo

July 4, 2022

When you look at the Jaguar’s offense from any point of view there isn’t much to say about star players. The media has a hard time finding players worth mentioning. Every year the Jaguars pledge to improve the roster.

The Jaguar’s front office has done some nice drafting in the last two years. They also have signed undrafted players that are contributing right away. Fans can argue that the foundation of the offense has taken shape.

The Jaguars offense has been seeking one if not two players for opposing teams to worry about every week. The two this article will focus on are coming out of the backfield.

This duo will be the new thunder and lightning for the Jaguar’s offense. It would be a much-needed boost to an offense that has done little over the past few years. 

Creating The Jaguar’s Thunder

If you are a Jaguars fan you will know the player associated with the nickname thunder. It was none other than Keenan McCardell, a player that was a master of his craft.

Mark Brunell needed a reliable wide receiver that could open the offense for others. McCardell reaped the benefits from the lack of a playmaker at the tight end position. Who might fill this role?

I could see James Robinson playing this role. Robinson has proven that he can produce great numbers. The willingness to go to great lengths to move the chains. He is a player that could have benefited from having a running mate.

High-level running backs get a large number of carries early in their careers. In making a name for themselves they are adding extra wear and tear to their bodies.

He can be a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield as well. The Jaguar’s offense hasn’t been able to run block consistently for a while. Although, they made strides in pass protection last year.

Doug Pederson runs a different style of offense that will ideally play into Robinson’s hands. Getting through the holes that close rapidly will be essential.

Rehabbing the injury from last year is not an easy task. If there’s any chance for a strong return the Jaguars should avoid rushing him back into the backfield.

Bringing the Jaguar’s Lightning

The player that brought lightning to the Jaguar’s offense was Jimmy Smith. For eleven years he was a player that was the Jaguar’s deep threat. Smith was a player with elite-level speed that garnered respect. Something that’s been lacking since his retirement.

The Jaguars were keen on trying to find players to bring some speed to the offense. Often signing mismatched players who have shown flashes of speed. The Jaguars would overpay these types of players. It’s not easy to sign players to a team that hasn’t won many games. This offseason wasn’t an acceptance of this notion.

Trent Baalke was able to draft Travis Etienne also known as ETN. This will give the Jaguars a player with elite-level speed. He is able to create mismatches all over the field.

He is also rehabbing from an injury that didn’t allow the NFL to see what he will bring to this offense. An encouraging video has shown he is able to move quite well after the injury. He was a participant in team activities. 

ETN is a player with speed that can be a game-changer. That sounds an awful lot like Smith in his prime. 

Patrick Mahomes has made a career out of throwing passes to Tyreek Hill. Speed will be a big factor in the Jaguar’s offense this year. Can’t wait to see these guys in the open field!